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Thirty years ago, a child named TOM, was born in Los Angeles, in the USA.

When He was fifteen, Tom dreamt that he had great power.
Thedays after he discovered that he had special habilities like in his dream.
He went to the field behind his house, and he flew.
He made thetour of the Earth in one hour, then he went back to his home and explained to this father what happen.

His father listened to him withattention and finally told him that he was superman himself.
Tom couldn’t believe it, and ask his father why he never told it.
The father answeredthat he thought protect his son, in/ by keeping his secret.
His father explained then that as he tasted geat power, He had to assume his roleof upholder of the law in the aim of protecting the area/town.

Tom was frightened at the idea of taking such responsabilities. His fathertried to convince his son but Tom had made his choice, he wouldn’t be a upholder of the law.

The day of his eighteenth birthday, a firestarted at the twentieth floor of the skycraper where her mother worked.
Tom arrived before firemen, saved his mother and ten other people.When fires were stopped, Superman just arrived on the scene, because he was alreday taken on other accidents.
Tom told his father that he hadset conscience of its powers and that he now accept assume his spécial habilities as a duty ; he would now use his power for the good causes.