My antonia

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My Antonia *Book 1, chapter* 3 Willa Cather focuses on writing fiction novels and she became famous through the success of her novels. We can suppose that this novel is autobiographical because in1883 the Cather family moved to join Willa’s grandparents William and Caroline in Webster County, Nebraska like the main protagonist. However, My Antonia presents a distinctly American vision ofmodernism. Often, modernist works evoke a sense of disillusionment with modern society, a feeling of fragmentation and despair at the increasing trends towards industrialization and urbanization. At othertimes, they present an idealized view of pre-industrialized, still innocent society (a literary trend called primitivism). My Antonia follows the second path and offers a vision of the idyllic worldof the American West. Although by the time of the novel’s publication, the frontier and depicts it as a perfect alternative to the modern, corrupt world that we now live in. Cather glorifies frontiervalues of independence, hard work, and asceticism, and she implicitly contrasts it to the competition ans isolation of modern society. Because Cather praises the country in favour of the city, thenovel can also be considered a pastoral novel. The book My Antonia is divided into five books. This chapter can be divided into four parts. From the beginning down to line fifteen, it deals with thepresentation of the extract and the importance of nature. From line sixteen down to line forty-one, this passage describes the relationship between the Bohemian family and Peter Krajiek, we cantranslate that like a swindling. From line forty-two down to line ninety three, it is the first contact between the two families and the presentation of the Bohemian family. Finally, from line ninety fourdown to the end, it deals with the meeting and the relationships between Antonia and Jim. On Sunday morning, Otto who is the Burden’s hired hand, Grandmother, and Jim drive across fields of red...