My trip to england

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It’s the beginning of our amazing trip! We were going to see our exchange partner again, or to meet them, in my case! It was 5h45 am, I was waiting for the bus to comein front of the high school with Agathe, Chloé and Lucie. It was 6h00 am when it finally came. We put our suitcases in the luggage compartment and we got in the bus. I listened to music during the whole journey, which took approximately an hour. Indeed, we arrived at Nancy at 7h00 am. We waited for a train in the station for an hour and we took one at 8h15 am. We arrived at the Gare de l’Est at9h45 am, we walked to the Gare du Nord and took the Eurostar at 10h15 am. We arrived at St Pancras where we were welcomed by M. Simon and Mme Nève. My first steps in England were a fall, because at the end of the escalator, I stopped, but because of the weight of her suitcase, Lucie couldn’t stop and she crashed into me! We took the underground: that was very hard with the suitcases! We entered inthe Lycée Charles de Gaulle, we ate sandwiches, and Mme Nève explained us the program. We visited the school, which is really huge! After that we went to Hyde Park. I was sitting in the grass with Agathe, Chloé, Lucie, Jérémy and Bruna, and we played “Time’s up”. Finally we came back to the Lycée, and I met Tess. She was very nice with me; we talked a lot in the bus to her home, in French. Then Imet Tess’s parents, and her sisters, Phoebe, aged 11, and Agnes, aged 3 … And the cats, of course! Everybody spoke French, except Tess’s father and Agnes. I just had the time to put my suitcase and to talk a little with the family, and we were in a bus again, because it was Tess’s best friend’s birthday. So we went to a restaurant called “TGI Friday”. The meal was very good, and everybody wastalking in English, so I could improve my accent a little, and learn new expressions. Then we had to come back home. It was about 11h30 pm so we went to bed. I was exhausted.

The whole class of 2°1 in Hyde Park.


When I woke up this morning, at 7h00 am, I didn’t know where I was! I took about 30 seconds to remember that I was at my exchange partner’s,in England. I ate cereals with milk, I took a shower and I went to the Lycée with Tess, by bus. We met in Salle Churchill and were welcomed by Mr. K. Zane. We did a “Jack the Ripper” guided tour with M. Simon, at 8h45 am. It was very interesting to listen to him, speaking of this amazing story! Jack the Ripper was a man who killed prostitutes, but nobody knows who he was. It’s a mystery that stillinterests a lot of people today. Then we came back to the Lycée to eat at the canteen. We went for a walk to South Kensington at 2h00 pm. We wanted to go to Harrods but they don’t allow school groups to enter, so we had to enter two by two, and by different entrances! It was very funny to see M. Remy being so restless! I bought teddy bears for my sister and my brother, chocolate for my mother,toffees for my father and tea for my grandmother. At about 5h00 pm we came back to the Lycée and I went to home with Tess. I played with Agnes, and I watched “Friends” on TV with Tess and Phoebe. At 7h30 pm I helped Tess’s father with the cooking. We ate fish, rice and vegetables, and strawberries with cream and chocolate for dessert. I gave presents to Tess’s family: typical French food. We talked alot, In English this time. I went to Tess’s room and we tried to disguise Agnes: that was a failure! Then we went to bed.
A house in front of which Jack the Ripper committed a murder.

A narrow street, another murder place…


This day I got up at 7h00 am, I hate cereals ant I took a shower. But this time Tess took too much time to dress up,...