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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Xpadder Profile (for Microsoft(R) XBOX 360 Controller For Windows)


- Star Trek: Bridge Commander
- Xpadder 5.6 (made for andtested)
- Microsoft(R) XBOX 360 Controller For Windows
- For system requirements, check those of "Star Trek: Bridge Commander" and "Xpadder"

Upon getting an "XBOX 360Controller for Windows" and Xpadder, I found myself wondering if I could make
a viable profile for "Star Trek: Bridge Commander"

This is my first attempt which can be used freely andmodified just as much to your heart's content. I do however wish that if you redistribute this profile anywhere that you give me some credit as the original creator and producer.Mapped keys:

Left analogue stick: Movement
Right analogue stick: Mouse
Right trigger: Fire Phasers
Left trigger: Fire Torpedoes
Right shoulder button: Next TargetLeft shoulder button: Previous Target
- Left (Helm)
- Right (First Officer)
- Up (Tactical)
- Down (Engineering)

Select: Bridge/Tactical ViewStart: Pause/Menu
A: Full Speed
B: Full Stop
X: Reverse
Y: Fire Distruptors


- Extract using “WinRAR” or similar archiving software
- Doubleclick on “Star Trek: Bridge Commander.expadderprofile” (your profile will be installed)
- Run “Star Trek: Bridge Commander”

"Star Trek", "Bridge Commander" as well as allassociated logos and names are property of Paramount and Activision. "Microsoft" and "XBOX 360" are property of Microsoft; I take no ownership of the names, brands or logos used.Xpadder is property of Jonathan, the creator, designer and programmer for Xpadder.

Xpadder website:

Xpadder profiler: LordReserei
Readme: LordReserei