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Kedar Nath Gattani had an entrepreneur spirit. During all his life he was motivated by meeting new challenges, and never hesitated to launch new businesses. Even when he was a balloons vendor hewas motivated by the fact to be paid on commission’s basis. He proofed us that he was a real hard worker, that he was able to be a leader, to take smart decisions and to be respected by his people.Kedar Nath Gattani was a real entrepreneur because he loved new challenges, and had the values of a good entrepreneur: brave, motivation, innovation, respect and hardworking.

We can notice thatGattani has always worked and often changed of job. But if we analyse this carefully, we can see that if he had more than 6 different jobs, it was not a weak of stability. Each time he changed ofjob, it was only because he saw a better opportunity for him. Even when he created his own company, he never stopped to innovate.
He is motivated by challenges; he didn’t wait the change but createdit.

Yes, it was important to ask him to go see the radiant tubes himself. First, Abhijit was newly recruited and he needed time to know the sector and to know his staff (which did theestimation). Moreover it was a way to implicate him in his decisions and to show him that he has real value and should not be a simple observer.
The fact to ask him to go see the radiant tubes himself permittedhim to realise that the costs were over-estimated and to show his value by negotiating new prices with a vendor. It was a good way to see his value.

He did not nominate Ajit Gokhale at thispost because he was convinced on the fact that he couldn’t do more than he was already doing. He knew him and knew what he was capable of. As he was thinking that Gokhale hadn’t the capacities for thispost, he didn’t nominate him.

Gathanish was a successful leader for many reasons.
First he was really smart, and was able to take the good decisions really faster. But what does of him a...