Ooral anglais

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Wink Wembly the elder son of Jonas Wembly has been missing since Tuesday.
On Wednesday morning, Jonas received a call.

“Jonas Wembly?” a strange voice said.
“Yes,who are you?” answered Jonas.
“I have your son” he drily said
“What? You have kidnapped my son?”
“Yes, I have Wembly” he impatiently said.
“Please don’t hurt him”he asked.
“If you give me what I want I won’t” he replied.
“What do you want? I’ll give you anything you want” he scary said.
“Five thousand dollars in unmarkedbills”
“I want to speak to my son”
“If you give me the money in time and place you will”
“You don’t understand. I won’t give you the money if I don’t talk with Wembly”he rudely said.
“That’s enough ! Listen to me carrefully »he angrily replied.
« Ok excuse me »
“I will only say the instuctions once. Put the money in a duffel bag,take your car go to your son’s school’s parking, then go to the safety issue in the back of the parking and wait in the alley. ” the kidnapper impatiently said.
“Howcan I recognize you?”
“Don’t worry about that. Have you all understand?” he asked
“I’ll do anything you say “
“I hope for you sons”he told
“What? My sons??” hesurprised said
“Yes, I want Eric to bring me the money..”
“But..Eric isn’t here”
“When he will come back, explain him”
“And when does he has to go to the drop site?”“At eleven fourty five p.m”
“Ok he will I guarantee you. But if you kill my sons I will kill you” he warned
“Of course… But if you call the police I will know it andyou’ll never see your sons again” he threateningly said.

“At best he kill them both and I keep my money but I don’t hope so much” Jonas conclued