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Nowadays, people eat very often at fast food restaurants all over the world but how can we explain the success of those fast restaurants ?
First of all, we can say people don'thave much time to cook and even to eat so it's very easier to buy a meal at fast food. We save time because the service is fast and we can eat anywhere, for instance you can eat in thestreet while walking or during our work, in fact people (n'ont plus beaucoup de temps??) because of the modern way of life. Moreover you can put meals in the microwave over, it justtakes a few minutes to heat it up. It's an advantage of takeaway food, we can eat at home without cooking.Well, that's saved us some time.
Morevover, adverts for those restaurantsare very appetizing, for instance, Mcdonald's hamburgers are very appetizing (on the advert)but they are not really like that. Furthermore fast food restaurants make adverts for toyswhich encourage children to come at those restaurants (donc leurs parents les y emmènent ) .Finally, we often have (nouvelles : freshes ???) advertising.
We can add, the price ischeap at fast food, cheapest than good restaurants , it's sure!And the opening hours are very exetended, in fact Mcdonald for example is open until midnight.
Lately, we can say manypeople go to fast foods in order to eat french fries (for example) or to drink coca, it's not really healthy but many people love that, they love sweet food, like ice-creams . On topof that chemical additives that make we (pronom sujet à revoir, ce n'est pas le pronom sujet qu'il faut : je ne vois pas =S) want to eat more ever if you are not hungry.
Toconclude, I can say I don't like fast food restaurant's food because it's too fattening and unhealthy and that's why many children become obese. What are repercussions of junk food? '