Prejudice and racism

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Nowadays, prejudice and racism are still present in everyday life. Let it be on the radio, television or music, they are still very present. However, looking back in the early centuries, it haschanged significantly. Thinking back when they were a lot of things that today, seems like nothing, but couldn’t dare to be done, certain things couldn’t be addressed in public and now, seems like simplyfreedom of speech. People today seem to forget the sacrifices that have been done for them, or again, often forget that we live in a new era.
Although slavery has been banned for over centuries,now that black people are allowed to sit in front of the bus, racism still exists. The reason being is that people are afraid of the unknown. It is in the education that they receive their surroundings,their backgrounds and their cultures. If a person has been brought up to dislike a certain group of ethnicity, it is hard to reproach them their behaviour because they’ve been thought to act thisway. If it has been imposed in their early ages to dislike certain things, if they’ve never been around a culture different as theirs, it will remain the unknown to them therefore, they will refuse tomake an effort to try to accept it, because in their heads, it the enemy. If a lady has been robbed by a black man, it will be hard for her to trust one again because of the prejudices that there isout there about the black man, which leads us to the next subject.
As transparent that it may seem, prejudice is there, and it affects more lives than people seems to notice. As an example, it hasbeen several years now that the women have been considered equal to the men. However, although it is not as hard as it used to be, it is still hard for a woman to get a job that is considered a man’sfield. Yes the laws have changed; therefore it allows them to practice which ever professions they want, however, prejudice exist among the people around, in certain communities and they work there...
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