Project management

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A Project Management
Part 1 - Project Phases. Let's jump right in.The major phases of small to medium projects can be broken down as detailed below:
1. Concept
2. Inital
3. ProjectPlanning
4. Work Execution
5. Control
6. Wrap-up
A single key aspect for project success is communication - the free flow of critical and other information between all of the people involved.Participants and Players in your Project
A list of some of the potential people involved in your project:
1. Project Sponsor
2. Stakeholders *
3. Customers - internal and external
4.Suppliers (materials, computer systems, services)
5. Management
6. Contractors
7. Government - regulators, politicians, compliance
8. Your team
9. You
* Stakeholders defined:People or groups that have some or all of these qualities: participate in the project, win or lose or are affected by the outcome of the project, have invested (money, time, resources) in the project, issomehow accountable for an aspect of the project.
Documents for your Project
A list of some of the potential people involved in your project:
1. Project Requirements
2. Project Definition3. Statement of Work
4. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
5. Project Schedule (Gantt format popular for display of timeline and tasks)
6. Budget
7. Design Document (blueprint, systemsdesign, or other)
8. Deliverables
9. Acceptance (Customer sign-off)
10. Manuals - user, system, consumer, installation, maintenance
11. Project Close-out (Conclusion)
Teamwork andLeadership
Project managers lead teams - usually not just those who report to them - to complete the work involved. Project leadership includes:
1. Movitating - effectively mobilizing the resources tobe engaged in the work at hand
2. Communicating - giving information to the team members and project participants, including clearly communicating the objectives for the tasks being performed...