Romeo et juliette

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(We listen to the song)

M: The first and the second line of this song did I disappoint you or let you down? and should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? truly relate to Romeo'sfeelings and his condition in the Act 5, scene 3 (p.287, line 98 to 101) when he sees Juliet lying on her tomb. (S read the lines) As we can see in the lyrics, Romeo wonders if, by doing what he did,he might had left Juliet down or because after they couldn't be together. Romeo feels guilty, he feels bad because of what he did. Killing Tybalt, the girl's cousin, has somehow killed Juliet.

S:The next connection we can see is in the sentence: Cause I saw the end before it begun .
We know that Romeo, the night before going to the party, had a prediction, a dream of him dying in the FirstAct, scene 4. ( M read p.71 line 113 to 117) He kind of knew that this night would bring him bad luck. Yes, he found the love of his life, but at the same time it was all for nothing because in the endwhich is only 2 days later, they both die.

M:Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right.
Took your soul out into the night. Juliet was blinded byRomeo's charm and his love. From this day on, Romeo knew he had found the key to her heart, he knew she would, forever be his. After they met, they got married so their love in order to honor their loveand they spent the night together to be officially there for one and another for the rest of their lives.

S: Romeo knows that even if his lover is dead, their love will last forever.It may be overbut it won't stop there That is why he decides to kill himself. He doesn't want to be in this world without her. He is willing to take away his own life to be with Juliet wherever that is. (M:EXTRAIT)

M: Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend,You have been the one for me. Romeo says his last goodbye to Juliet his lover and his true friend. He knows that they were meant to be together and that...