Southern trees

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Southern Trees
This text could be divided in three parts:
Part 1, from the line 1 to the line 13: The proposition.
Part 2, from the line 14 tothe line 35: Sing and reaction.
Part 3, from the line 36 to the end: The future of her career.
She explains her job in the café Society (l 1.2)The proposition of the author and the appreciation of Billie. (l 3-6)
Conception of the project (l 7-13) > This part shows the important of theresponsibility of Billy about the poem (public and concerned by the poem).
She interreges her conscience about her choice. The reaction of thepublic. After, she have a flash back about the Pop (l 14-21)
The click from Billie H. about Strange Fruit after her attempts cause “the Bitch” to force herto sing this song. But this provocation makes her wonder and improve her faculty to sing. (l 22-31)
*The good reaction of the public, particularly, oneof us, with the expression “my God” shows that BH should sings this song before. (l32-35*)
Part three:
*After that, she was employed to singthis song *without qualification. But they believe to her. (l 36-40)
She was in harmony with the piano (l 41-45)
There is the consecration. Shewas applauded a lot. (l 45-end)
To conclude, this text is a great representation of tolerance and trust for us. With her great voice, BH can show theimportance of the poem, a poem versus the segregators who threaten the black population. And this song is a form of discourse for the humanity. A text to bring together.