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Analyze advertising

DIOR, J’adore

The image

The photography represents a young slender and fair woman, bathing up to the breast in an opaque and golden liquid. The face and its look aremanaged towards us, but its trunk is directed by three quarters, almost by profile. The face is expressionless; it suggests at the most a state of peace, serenity, maybe also some pride. The visible partof its body shows, for any garment, in fine tissue which puts around its breast.

The text

The location and the size of certain textual elements can vary from a format to other one of thisadvertising, so we distinguish three sets:

* At the top of the frame and with a large-sized, the brand: “Dior”.
* At the bottom of the frame, the smaller reminder of this brand, we have a kind ofblock marks carrier of a complete logo version with a mention of a city : “Christian Dior, Paris”
* On the right we have another block mark with " J'adore " and a signature, " Le féminin absolue"

The first feeling

At once we include that this visual message has an advertising aim, which gives an impression of strangeness and well-being, as well as serenity.

The photo montage

Page8 le montage


Faire un résumé de Composition et de point de vue focal... aborder les points technique de l'image et de la position du manequin ds l'image


We notice ashade made for the speed of the global reading of the advertising: the very variable size of the typographic characters leads a reading in several phases, we shall read the most significant words("Dior" and " J'adore "), then, the smaller mentions.

The name "Dior" is present at the same time in the high parts and the bass of the visual message. The first occurrence read in the western senseof the reading, appears to us in a impressive but discreet way: “Dior” is written in big character, but this characters are white, spaced out some of the others and the paleness of the bottom make...