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Campus’s Langford

December, 20th 2010

To Delhi,

Attention : My parents.

Dear parents,

I am writing to tell you what happened this quarter. Above all, do not worry! It went verywell. Langford is beautiful and there are many things that struck me in the campus.
Firstly, I want to talk about the atmosphere of the school that seems familiar. Indeed, from day one, I felt at homein my place. All students welcomed me warmly. So I could make myself countless friends all very nice to me integrated into their group very quickly.
As for teachers, although I hate to say it mustbe admitted that they are simply awesome! They are very attentive and available to students. And paradoxically, their courses are very rich and detailed are nice and easy to assimilate. Time goes by soquickly with them! The problem really has no place in class! In addition, we feel we are on an equal footing with them. Honestly, they are friends in their own right.
Despite the presence of rules,I do not feel stifled at all. One can enjoy many freedoms. For example, their notion of "regulatory clothing styles is very broad and vast. Many of them are tolerated.
Otherwise, apart from thecompulsory courses, many optional school activities such as sports clubs, art or otherwise, are present. There are so interested that I can not get them all ...
Then I can also tell you that I will nothave growth problems related to food! In fact, I eat very well! Here the food is wholesome, varied and given in sufficient quantity. When night falls, I take refuge in my bed ... very mellow place tosleep!
In short, this campus is like another home where the atmosphere is familiar and enjoyable ... a true paradise! I feel so good and time flies so fast. You know, I'm sorry to say this but ...actually, you do not miss me as much as I thought!
You have really done well to send me to Langford. I sincerely thank you.
I'll explain in detail how my first quarter was well spent royally when I go...