The death penalty

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The Death penalty

Origins of the death penalty

World History
  Historically the first death penalty laws were established in the eighteenth century B.C in the king Hammurabi’s code ofBabylon. 

Britain & U.S.A
•  Britain History  The Britain used the capital punishment since the tenth century by hanging.  •  U.S.A History   According to the History of America, the first executionwas that of the captain George Kendall in the Jamestown colony of Virginia ordered was executed in 1608 for being a spy for Spain.

Capital punishment in France existed officially from theMiddle Ages until it was abolished in 1981. The last executions took place in 1977, by guillotine, which had been the only legal execution method since the French Revolution. This was the last executionin the then European Community.

The abolitionist movement

Main actors
The abolitionist movement goes back to the writing of the European theorists as Montesquieu, Voltaire, or John Howard,which gave legitimacy to abolitionists and contributed to the abolition to the death penalty.

America and Britain
•  America  However the death penalty was applied in a lot of state of Americaeven the law evolved to consider different degrees in crimes and it was not apply for any crime.  •  Britain  The Abolition of the death penalty began in 1965 for a five-year experiment and will becompletely abolished in 1999.

After several tries unsuccessful, Robert Badinter, a long time opponent of capital punishment and the defending lawyer of some of the last men executed, becameminister of justice and proposed the final abolition of the death penalty in 1981, which was pushed through the National Assembly with the backing of newly elected president François Mitterrand.

TheCurrent death penalty

•  Today, 70% of people asked were in favour of the death penalty. •  16/50 states without capital punishment

•  During the 20th century, French opinion...