The guernsey literary and potato peel pie society

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We will study an extract of an epistolary novel named The Literary and potato peel pie society. It’s about the world of book, writing, around the history of the members of a book club (theLPPPS) created during the word war two and relates the conditions of life imposed by the German occupation. In the first part we will talk about the characters and in the second part we will talk aboutthe setting, time and historic context.

I/These letters are sent between Juliet Ashton, the main character, and Sidney Stark her publisher. They live in London.
We learn that Juliet is ajournalist and she is writing a book under the name of Izzy Bickerstaff but she doesn’t want to do it anymore. She is fed up to make funny. “…” so we can conclude that her book Izzy Bickerstaff goesto war is humoristic. She is a journalist but wants to gain a new reputation as a serious writer and wouldn’t like to be seen as writing “charming little notes”.
We can see that Sidney know the bookthat she is talking about: She tells him about the sales of the book using the article ‘’THE’’. “…”
She talks about Susan Scott. We don’t learn lots of things about her, but we can suppose that shework with Juliet and maybe she is a friend. ‘’…”
She talks equally about Mrs. Montagu and Jane Carlyle but we don’t know anything about them. We learn line… that Sophie is Sidney’s sister and shelives in Scotland.
We can see that Sidney Stark is not just her publisher but equally a close friend. “Dear Sidney”, “love”, she tells him everything about her fears, her feelings and he reassure herand encourage her. “…” He tries to reason her for she stay concentrating in her job and the things that are the most important. “…” He is equally an older-bother. “…” so we can deduct that she knowshis sister and they are close friends too.
We can see that Juliet uses humour and self-derision, which reveal her personality. We can see it with the ridiculous name of two societies in her book...