The other side of truth

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  • Publié le : 18 septembre 2010
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Berverley Naidoo published “The Other Side of Truth” for the first time in 2000. In this passage, she presents a very moving extract. Indeed, the character of Femi finally explains what he feelsinside. Sade understands it: "Today, it was Femi’s turn ". This passage wants to get the slightest plot of land of sensibility which is in every human being, and, in my opinion, it is made a success.This passage begins with the announcement of Folarin. He learnt them that he has presents from their house. For Femi, “two pairs of red and black goalkeeper’s gloves, one larger than theother”. They come from home. From Nigeria. This present is the element which releases the feelings of Femi. Because of all the obstacles he had been through with his sister Sade, because of the lost of theirmother, because of the “new life” in England, all these changes of places, these new meetings, all these turnovers so suddenly, pulled the stream of Femi’s tears. The evolution passes by severalpoints: first of all, Femi takes pleasure to observe these magnificent gloves (" Femi turned the gloves over to examines them, his eyebrows raised in pleasure "), he remains to lock always a little onhimself, and does not speak. He feels only as "has riveted by butterflies cat ". Then, his father announces him that these gloves come from a purchase made by her mother, just before dying: “Mama boughtthem for you and me – just before she died”. The fact that Femi can share something with his father again as they were used to playing football in the garden of Lagos at nightfall can be a reason ofhis tears. Then, the emotion is too high, “Femi’s face crumpled and distorted in a battle against sobs and tears”, he wants to repress his feelings but his father helps him to finally face thesituation, because cry relieve the spirit, and Folarin wants to put into practice this proverb. He serves hardly against him his little boy of whom he has been separated a few weeks ago. Sade feels the...