The true story of arnold the snail

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The true story of Arnold the snail

A day, Arnold, famous actor in Franklin the turtle, decided that the situation was to stop. Indeed, he found that he was less paid than the other members,they were more mediatized and he said that cameraman didn’t express to film him and he described it like an injustice. There was as well the fact that everybody laughed at him because of his small size.So he decided to declare a war between him, Franklin and all his friends. What was going to take place was going to be terrible.

Arnold decided to transform himself in monster, a very nastymonster. At first, he started bodybuilding to obtain enormous muscles; he met many famous surgeons to put peaks with acid on his shell, antennas with lassos and laser eyes. At last, he went in a garageto pose notched wheels. He already had guns, power guns. All was all right. Let’s be clear about it, he was very pret to kill anybody.

Like every morning, he went in the studio to turn a newepisode. Franklin and Martin were already on the scene. Cameramen were filming and the others were drinking coffee or eating. It was the good moment. Arnold started with the boss without particularreason. Maybe it was his hairstyle or his moustache. So he chose to kill him with his laser eyes and he cut his head.To be sure that he was dead, he putted a grenade inside the rest of his former boss. Itwas without pain. After, to test his new powers, he threw a rain of peaks on actors who wasn’t playing. I don’t prefer describe this scene because I don’t want to hurt people’s sensibility but I cansay that there were a lot of busted eyes and people seemed more as strainers than humans. When everybody was killed, there were not more than Franklin and Martin. But Arnold’s wish was to have onlythe turtle at the end and kill him but now, they were two persons versus him and there was a problem: Arnold hadn’t enough munitions. Martin caught the snail and put it in a cage. Then, the two...