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IFRS resources on IIN Members’ web sites
IIN Member Australia (ICAA) Canada (CICA) URL addresses Content Information research services including articles,books and information guides. Complete collection of IFRS in a searchable database. A portion of our new Corporate Finance course materials dealing with IFRS will be made available for sale to CICA’smembers. There are approximately 11,000 web pages on the ICAEW web site that mention IFRS, a large proportion of which are publicly available. Public / Private access Public Private, subscriptionpayable

England & Wales (ICAEW)

Public Public Private, password protected Public Public

France (OEC)Hong Kong (HKICPA) all in French in the Standards and Technical section unting/dueprocess/dueprocess.php unting/rm/reference.php unting/accounting.php watch/techwatch.php

Standards, Standard setters news, updates news, documentation, etc Standards,interpretations, comparison with IFRS, bulletins and publications etc.

India (ICAI) Ireland (ICAI) nto.jsp all in Italian's/Dossiers/IFRS/ p mostly in Dutch

Summaries of IFRS. The IFRS webpage and subsidiary pages serve as an...