Un monde sans fin, commentaire anglais

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A Book Review : World Without End
By Ken Follet

This novel isthe sequel of the 1989's novel, The Pillars of The Earth. It's a historical, novel with lots of adventures. World Without End had had an enormous succes, likeThe Pillars of The earth twenty years ago. Ken Follet wrote a lot of novels, but most of his books are detectives novels.
This story begins in the city ofKingsbridge, in England. The first scene happened with four child, and an injury soldier, in the forest. The soldier had a message, a very important message. Thisevent will link the four children for all their lives. And the novel is written over the events and the adventures of this four characters.

Merthinis one of the four children, he is a smart young carpenter and architect, he is very clever. He is in love for Caris, also a child of the beginning, for years.His brother called Ralph, they are opposite, Ralph is not very clever, but he is a murderer, an ambitious guy.

So this book is an historicalbook, but there are a lot of different faces to this book. Emotion, violence, sadness, happiness, everything is in this novel. It's quite impossible not to likeIt.

The novel is long, but it's the kind of book that you can't stop. When you start this book, it's a really addiction, it's incredible, you'vereally the sensation that you're in the book, with Merthin and Caris. You feel what they feel. That is the reason why I advise you to read this great book.