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Culture profile - Geert Hofstede
United-States VS West Africa

I am going to give you the culture profile of the United-State thanks to Hofstede's dimension:

* The United-States is a societywith a more Individualistic attitude and relatively loose bonds with others. The populace is more self-reliant and looks out for themselves and their close family members.

* Moreover, theranking of Masculinity of the United State are 62, compared with a world average of 50. This indicates the male dominates a significant portion of the society and power structure. This situation generatesa female population that becomes more assertive and competitive, with women shifting toward the male role model and away from their female role.

* The United States was included in the group ofcountries that had the Long Term Orientation dimension added. The Long Term Orientation is the lowest dimension for the US at 29, compared to the world average of 45. This low Long Term Orientationranking is indicative of the societies' belief in meeting its obligations and tends to reflect an appreciation for cultural traditions.

* The next lowest ranking dimension for the United States isPower Distance at 40, compared to the world Average of 55. This is indicative of a greater equality between societal levels, including government, organizations, and even within families. Thisorientation reinforces a cooperative interaction across power levels and creates a more stable cultural environment.

* And to conclude with the United-State’s culture profile, the last dimension isUncertainty Avoidance, with a ranking of 46, compared to the world average of 64. A low ranking in the Uncertainty Avoidance Dimension is indicative of a society that has fewer rules and does notattempt to control all outcomes and results. It also has a greater level of tolerance for a variety of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

Now, I will show you the Hofstede's dimension of West Africa:...