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Miss … English

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My work experience !


My name is Miss … and I am in the Jules RENARDhigh school.
I study the management to become a manager in a commercial unity.

I go to talk you about my experience in company.
I made it withinthe store Darty, the store of distribution in the sector of the multimedia and the household electrical appliances.


I arrivedin class at the end of September and from my arrival I directly looked for a company to make my training period.
I printed CVs and letters and Iwent to give evidence directly in store.
I was accepted in a store in La Defense but the follow-up trainee not being serious I had to leave andlooked somewhere else to find finally at Darty.


I worked in the video department of the store.
During the first week, I waswith a trainee, then two last week, I was with 2 trainees.
I had to sell the products of my beam(shelf) to welcome the customer, the adviser.
Ialso had to resupply department, do the facing… The works is sometimes hard but I see the reality of the functioning of a business through thisexperience.


They are still using the forms created. It gave me the first-hand knowledge of life in a factory.


Forme, it was a good experience but I should even if I know that I have to work on my behavioral. It teaches me many thing on the world of business.