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Written Expression

Dear Lyndsey, I hope that you are well ; here are the ansewers to the questions that you asked me in the precedent letter :
- I don’t like read so I haven’t got a favoritebooks.
- I’ve got a lot of favorite movies but my movie really favorite is “ Twilight “.
- I like full of musics especially the rock.
- I am in the ninth grade.
- My place favorite that I like tovisit is Paris because it’s beautiful.
- Sometimes, in the morning just before going to school, I missed my bus with my friend because I’m always in late and I find it’s funny.
- In june, I go toMorocco with my mother during six days.

Otherwise, I hope that your Christmas party’s were well ! I, yes very well ! During the holidays, I helped my parents to do again their room. I invited mybest friend during two days. I went shopping with my cousin, and I slept with her. I spent Christmas Eve party’s with friends. The Christmas day’s, I went to my grandparents with my family. Then, I wentto my aunt for wish a Merry Christmas. The next days, I did my homeworks. After, I spent New Year’s Eve party with friends, it was very nice. The next day, I went to my two families for wish a happyNew Year. Then, I went to my cousin where there was a lot of snow, it was cool.

Now, I’m going to speak about my school. It’s not a big school ! There are about three hundred and fifty pupils ; theHeadteacher is Mrs Chabod. There are about thirty teachers, there are twenty five pupils in my class. There are sixteen grades ! I’m in the ninth grade. The subjects that I’ve are : French,Matematics, English, History / Geography, Biology, Phisics/Chemistry, Arts, Technology, Music, Sport, Spanish. I have a lot of homework every evenning, because I have a lot of subjects every days. I need twohours every evenning to do my homework. My favorite subject is Spanish because it’s well. I will go to the lycée in Lure ( to five kilometres from Melisey). I go to school by bus. I take thirty...