A midsummer night 's dream act 5 scène 1

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William Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights in English literature . He was so polyvalent because he wrote poems , comedies , tragedies etc.. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy whotalks about love and the problems it can engender . There’re three pairs of lovers : Hermia and Lysander , Helena and Demetrius and then , Hippolyta and Theseus. The last one lives the perfect love butthe others don’t . In fact , Demetrius is in love with Hermia but she loves Lysander and Helena loves Demetrius. The problem is that Hermia and Lysander can’t be together because Hermia's fatheris opposed to their love and wants Hermia to marry Demetrius . We can also find others elements in the comedy like a theatre troupe and supernatural creatures.
The extract we are about to study isthe fisrt scene of Act five . This one is the final scene where all the lovers have been married and they are about to watch Pyramus and Thisbe , a comical play because of the players who don’t performvery well .
Then , what’s the particularity of this scene ? We’ll start our work with the impression of a Happy end and we’ll continue with the fragile harmony we can find in this text .

First ,we’re back to Theseus ‘s palace , the weddings have already been accomplished . It’s the time of the performance of the play Pyramus and Thisbe . Like the beginning , Hippolyta and Theseus open thescene : “Hippolyta : ‘tis strange my Theseus, that these lovers speak of.” . We can feel a joyful atmosphere and find a lexical field of celebration : “full of joy” ; “joy and fresh days of love” […]. The play is about to start and all the lovers are together. They seem so happy because of the weddings . However , Theseus appears as impatient but a good ruler for his royal powers . He’s tolerantagainst people and recognize their poverty . He’s also a linient one because he seems ready to watch a play playing by simple people .
We can notice that it’s the time of no conflicts , because...
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