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7 Avenue,
New York 12180
August 9, 2002

Mr John Campbell
Recruity Coordinator
8 Golden Ridge,
Freswater, ilse of Wight PO40 9LE

DearMr Campbell

I was surprise to find your advertissement on your website « www.vap.org.uk » that you search many people for human rights,development and youth exchanges.
I’m presently student and going to finish High school and i take my gap year to be part Volunteers Action For Peace.I am particularly interested about this specific campaign because this one can improve the world and probably help my neighbour, and this what iwant mainly.

Many people think the world is wonder, but it still exists so many poverty in our world, so much people need us, that’s why itcaught my attention.
I’m motivated, and i would give all my possible to achieve any wanted things..
I have already in 2001, planted trees inKenya and built schools and clinics in India, so i can say that the happiness that we could give at them by making simple gestures is sounbelievable!!
My determinism as well as my desire to succeed will be a positive point for the association!!
It would be very nice for your part to returnat me an answer before October 3rd, because i wait an acceptation in an economic university.
If you want to contact me for others informationson myself, you can in this following number (514)947. 6258.

Thank you for your time and consideration..
Sincerely yours.

Marty Mc Fly.