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Sélection Patrick Clerget
Grands Vins de France Burgundy Wines Since 1268 700
The Clerget family’s very long tradition in the wine business as wine makers and grape growers (registered in theGuinness Book of Records) goes back to 1268. Jean Clerget, Member of the Royal Parliament in Dijon, was appointed “Chevalier” in 1698 and granted a family coat of arms.


“Guinness Book”“Clerget Family Coat of Arms”


In 1972, Mr. Patrick CLERGET started working for the family company “Maison Raoul CLERGET” in SaintAubin. After 15 years and achieving all the necessaryexperience from vineyard work, he graduated from the Institut de Promotion et de Commercialisation des Vins at the Chamber of Commerce of Bordeaux. In 1992, he started managing the family vineyards andregrouped them as “Château de Chassagne Montrachet”. In 1994, he and his wife set up their own company, “Sélection Patrick Clerget”, in Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines. The family crest is used as alogo.



“Mr. Patrick Clerget”


In 2007, he was appointed a member of “Chevalier du Tastevin”, the exclusive society that promotes Burgundy wines around the world.“Sélection Patrick Clerget” now exports nearly 2 million bottles of the fine wines of France every year to more than 25 countries all over the world.


“Diploma of Chevalier du Tastevin” 1 Sélection Patrick Clerget
Our company is exclusively oriented toward export to EEC countries, while also expanding out of the EU, to Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, India, China,Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, etc.


Our very flexible company is able to supply you with a wide range of products from the various French wine-producing areas. Our products include table wines,vins de pays, grape-variety wines, AOC wines, sparkling wines, champagne, and spirits.




Vallée de Nantes la Loire

Chablis Beaune
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