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The meeting

We are an important company distributing French wine all over the world. We are wellimplemented in the global market and our main competitors are Italian and American companies. We have a partnership with the major French producers of wine in France.

We are now considering Japan asan opportunity for business. Indeed, the studies realized by our representants sent over there report that the Japanese market is promising, the target market is on expansion and could generateconsequent potential benefits. These reports are based on a study of the local consumers (by gender, age, professional category, social class..), the local consumption (type of wine consumed, frequency, inwhich occasions,..) and an analysis of the expectations of the consumers ( the reports concentrate on understanding the preferences, behaviors and attitudes of the consumers and on the analysis of theeffects and comparative success of campaigns marketing that have been carried on in Japan)

Therefore, and after a close examination of the costs by our financial department that such animplementation would generate, we have been taken steps to settle up in Japan. But then the tsunami happened and changed the whole situation.

In the few days following this dramatic event we decidedto organize a meeting in emergency regardind the situation. This meeting will be done by videoconference and involve on one hand the CEO and the marketing director on the head office of the company inFrance and on the other hand the two representativess sent.

Here is the agenda of the meeting with the main aspects we will have to discuss about:
* What will be the impact of the tsunami onthe Japanese economy and our company on a social, economic and political level?
* Since we had already taken steps to settle up there how are we going to face this situation and react to it?...
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