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Commemorative tattoo

This document is a colour photograph of a man standing in front of the American flag.
We can notice a helmet under his left arm. His back is naked (nu) and we can see his huge (énorme) tattoo. We recognize the Twin Towers in the middle. They are on fire.
On the left there is the torch of the Statue of Liberty.
We can also see severalnames on the left and two angels at the top.
We understand that the man is a fireman who was present on September 11, 2002 during the attack of the World Trade Center. The torch is the symbol of New-York City and the names are probably the names of other firemen working with him, his friends maybe, who died in the explosion.
This big tattoo on his back is a tribute to this tragicevent. He survived the explosion but he is probably sad because he lost his friends that day. He is also proud to be a fireman in New-York City and he is patriotic about his country.
Débat possible:
Would you agree to have a tattoo on your body? Why? Why not?

Why not, you eat other animals, don’t you ?

Identification & description
This document is an advert for the Vegetarian Society. It isa black and white photo of a baby dog (a puppy) sitting in the middle of a plate. The plate is on a table and we can see a fork and a knife on both sides of the plate.
At the bottom of the photo, there is a caption: “Why not, you eat other animals, don’t you?”
We understand that the aim of this advert is to dissuade people from eating meat.
It is insinuating that if we are ableto eat other animals, we can also eat this dog.
Usually, when people eat meat, they eat beef or pork or chicken.
Eating a dog is something shocking because a dog is a pet. It is like a member of the family and we can’t imagine eating our pet. It would be barbaric and criminal.
When we eat meat, we don’t think of the animal: for us, meat is food but when we think of a dog or a cat, we think ofthe animal only.
So, this advert plays on our feelings: it is trying to make us guilty and to convince us to become vegetarian.
Débat possible:
Do you think you can become vegetarian one day? Why? Why not?

The rabbit who caused all the trouble

This document is a fable. It was written by James Thurber in 1940.
Like all fables, it deals with animals.
2 sorts of animals are personified inthis text: the wolves and the rabbits.
A group of rabbits were living next to a group of wolves.
As the wolves didn’t like the rabbits’ way of life, they always put the blame on them every time something happened.
For example, after an earthquake, some wolves died and the rabbits were blamed for the earthquake.
Then, one night, lightning killed another wolf and the rabbits were accused of thelightning also.
The wolves tried to civilize the rabbits but they couldn’t. That is when they decided to imprison the rabbits in a cave. When the other animals asked what happened to the rabbits, the wolves answered they had been eaten.
This fable is very symbolic:
The wolves want to dominate and they refer to Hitler because the text was written in 1940.
The rabbits are numerous anddefenceless: represent humanity and more specifically the Jewish who were persecuted by Hitler.
The moral to this fable is “Run, don’t walk to the nearest desert island”: it means that if there is danger, you shouldn’t play the game of the victim; you should just escape and protect yourself.

Barbie and Ken

This text is an article from the British magazine NOW, published in October, 2001.
It isabout people who have done cosmetic surgery.
The characters in the text are Cindy Jackson and Miles Kendall. They are actors and their models are Barbie and Ken.
Cindy and Miles have turned themselves into the living version of Barbie and Ken.
It cost them a lot of money: 100 000 pounds.
Cindy started surgery when she was 13 years old.
Before he decided to have plastic surgery, Miles believed...
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