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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is the sixteenth and one of the most famous president of American history .
He lived between 1809 and 1865.He is elected for two money mandates of four years in 1860 and 1864 without ending this last one. He is the first republican president of the history of the country. The election of an anti-slave Republican pulls at once the creation of the confederate States of America formed by 11 Slave states and, a bit further, the American Civil War. After initial lapels backhands, the army of the United States under the command of general Ulysses S . Grant gets the upper hand. Lincoln drafts the proclamation emancipating the slaves and signs the 13th amendment abolishing the slavery. In his nomination speech at the beginning of his second money order, he shows itself accommodating to the States of the ex-confederacy and throws a program of reconstruction which does not live in the daytime because of its murder by John Wilkes Booth, a supporter Confederate.
Before to become a president Lincoln was a lawyer but since he was interesting about the politic. It is elected House of Representatives in 1846 and siege from the end of 1847. In Washington, he opposes to the war against Mexico, which he considers unconstitutional and inequitable. In spite of this opinion, he votes several times for the sending of additional troops. His opinions are considered anti-patriotic and arouse the dissatisfaction among the voters of the Illinois, so that Lincoln does not seek the renewal of his money order. During the war, his future opponent becomes famous on the contrary for an inverse attitude. Jefferson Davis, the future president of the confederate States of America becomes a military

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