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Abraham LINCOLN was born on February 12th 1809 and died on April 15th 1865. He was the son of a family pioneer.
His father was carpenter and farmer.
He known a little of his mother because she died in 1818 when he was 8 years.
After law studies, he began a political career before 30 years.

He made war against Indians in 1832.
Elect deputy republican in 1834, he entered in Congress in 1847.
From 1854, he defended the introduction of a slave legislation in Kansas and Nebraska.
In 1856, he leaded a campaign of antislavery.
In 1860, he was candidate in the presidency.
He defended Abolition of Slaves who went mostly from Africa and there were exploited in cotton farms.
His politic concerned the civil rights, the minorities and the immigration.
Before to be elected president, and during his election campaign in particular, Lincoln had made several declarations indicating clearly his opposition to the slavery in the name of moral principles.
He will remain in the history as the author of the Proclamation of emancipation of the slaves but certain critics noted that his priority was the restoration of the Union, not the civil rights of the slaves.

LINCOLN governed his country during the period of the American Civil War.
His election raised the opposition of the South Slave states and provoked at once the secession of the South Carolina, then of six others States.
From January 1st 1863, he promulgated the decree of emancipation of the Blacks.
Having leaded himself the military operations, and then confided it to the general Grant in March 1864.
Taken out victorious of the civil war, Abraham Lincoln worked out a program of 'reconstruction'.

In April 14th 1865, Lincoln was assassinated at the age of 56 years old at Ford's Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth, an actor from confederated states.

One of his quotation in 1858 translated in french:
«De même que je ne voudrais pas être un esclave, je ne voudrais pas être un

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