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Kadidiatou Bah

General Motors was founded in 1908 in Michigan. For many years, General Motors has been consecutively the biggest car manufacturers based on sales. General Motor’s headquarters islocated in Detroit, Michigan. Before 2008, the company counted more than 250 000 employees and sold cars in more than 140 countries.

The management team is composed of Edward Whitacre who took overthe company when General Motors filed for bankruptcy, Chris Liddel who is the Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer and Robert A. Lutz which is the advisor on design and global productdevelopment.

Since 2005, General Motors went through significant losses from its operations and from restructuring its activities. However, the global credit market crisis had a dramatic effect on GM and theautomotive industry plus the labor cost didn’t help General Motors to overcome the crisis. In fact, the company signed a contract that provided a lifetime health benefits for more than 100 000 of itswhite collars retired. In 2008, the increase in mortgage, the increase of the price oil and the recession, slow down the economic. Unfortunately, in 2009, General Motors filed for bankruptcy, laid offthousands of their salaries and closed many of their facilities to be able to pay off their debts. Since then General Motors Corporation became a new company: General Motors Company.

GeneralMotors has two segments, which are automotive and financial business. The automotive segment consists in manufacturing, selling and car services. The financial business deals with banking, mortgagelending, investing and insurance. Since the bankruptcy, their main brands are GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick.

The company strengths includes its global experienced. In fact, as stated above, GeneralMotors has been the biggest car manufacturers in the world for the last century. The firm was able to position himself as the best valuable brand to the consumer’s eyes. General Motors was able to...
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