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Present-day America is one of the world great states at the height of their power (un des grands états du monde au sommet de leur puissance) present in the world …Everybody speaks about globalization and about an American model. Thus, America influences the rest of the planet. For some people, America represents a "dream", for others, this countryrepresents an economic, political and social strenght. As far as I’m concerned, America is an attractive country, both interesting and frightening. It makes me think too of a mysterious country wherelife is sometimes a dream, sometimes a sad economic reality. First, let’s see why America seems to be a dream for a few people; then, let’s note that America is an economic, political and socialchallenge.

Nowadays, many persons say that America is a "dream" that is to say a country where the happiness reigns ( pas d’inversion du sujet en Anglais),a country synonymous with freedom and where life would be much easier to live. That was all the more true as the period after the war was difficult but alsoduring the big period of hanging immigration and after the second world war. And that is why people thought they would find a better life in America, they hoped to be happierand freer( je pense que comme free est un adjective court…?) than in their country. Unfortunately, this dream is not accessible to every people … Should we believe the Americandream doesn’t exist? America chooses the immigrants whom she wants to welcome, what provokes the secret immigrations or the other problems on the American borders as well as the borders between thevarious American countries … ( Là, je n’ai pas touché…)

Furthermore,, some countries tend to consider America as a model for their government because America symbolizes freedom, for...
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