Americatv shows - the best and the worst

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America the beautiful: the best and the worst
Subject: TV Media, talk shows in America.

We base our subject on media in America today. Indeed, America seems to be very influenced by TV shows which are everywhere in American lives. Moreover, we can see the . influences of American series and TV shows in French TV channels as W9 too in many different aspects with theshow “Next” that is typically an American TV program. There is an rent international way for these shows with for example for The American Idol broadcasting to over 100 nations outside of the United States.

We will try to understand why such programs become so famous and major in the American society. The target of this subject is to bring a thought about the roots which imply that American peoplegive so many importances to these TV programs. We have to know that these TV shows symbolize most this nation in a way that it permits to the American to keep in mind the American Dream still exists through TV programs as American idol which programs; allows unknown people to be famous quickly and access to important advantag and good advantages social situation. But through these TV programs, wecan notice that America is capable of the best and the worst too. In a multicultural approach, in order to understand why such programs are going to target more and more other countries in the world, we will study too different the TV programs (the Oprah Winfrey talk show and the American Idol show) that highlight America still lives with the permanent American Dream in minds.

The OprahWinfrey talk show

The Oprah Winfrey Show has been launched in 1986 and since this birth; it is a big success in America television. Her website has been created by Winfrey's company to provide resources and interactive contents relating to her shows, magazines, book club, and public charity.

Oprah has a television power to attract public and private; it is helped by the fact that TV is oftenviewed in the privacy of American homes. She has understood how to become a family member; as a result, she is very present in meals, American family lives and makes people care because she cares. That s is why her talk show is a success and continues to share with American lives.

Oprah Winfrey achieved to see the influence that TV can have on the American culture and culture, that explains she isthe only person who has so much impact nowadays and influence on the American public in a significant way. She represents the dream to be the most powerful woman in American society whereas she came from poor districts.

Her strength is her communication style by confessing intimate details about her weight ing problems, tumultuous love life and crying alongside her guests (she interviewscelebrity or politician guests on her show). She has created a new form of media communication known as "rapport talk". We have to notice that her audience is very large: 75% are femal and female there are gay males Winfrey’s fan too.

American Idol American Idol is an American competition show and it returns this year to its seven seasons since 2002. This TV show is now becoming the most popularshow on American television. The target of this show is to discover the best singer in America after a series of auditions in the entire nation. Every year, it brings together tens of thousands of contestants from America in order to try to become the next American idol. The rules are the followings: there are three judges who : evaluate every performance with their critiques in order to guide thechoice of the public; indeed it is the public who votes for their favorite contestants to win ic the American Idol title. The public, voting by phone and text messaging, determines who will advance in the competition and who will go home. In six seasons, there were six winners as Kelly Clarkson who has became very famous. Just one rule, to win the title and h hope to become famous for his talent,...
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