Analyse publicité aids is a mass murderer

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Advert analysing

This advert was created in 2009 by the German agency Das Comitee for the campaign preceding the World AIDS Day. The core idea which led all the campaign was this catch phrase: AIDS is a mass murderer. There were 3 different posters with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, and a movie of 30 seconds which sparked a buzz and was forbidden by YouTube.
This advert is based on the will to choc people. There is nothing written to explain or to precise things except the catch phrase at the bottom of the poster: AIDS is a mass murderer. This sentence is simple: there is a subject, a verb and a complement. Just below that we see the usual advice concerning campaign against AIDS: “protect yourself!” and a web site. The picture is dark and a bit green which illustrates the sickness; there are some bright reflections on the bodies in order to underline the unhealthy side of the situation. The sexual position and the woman’s face are made to choc the public as possible; indeed she has got her mouth opened, the eyes closed and the nudity is apparent. She is giving herself up to pleasure. We feel ill-at-ease looking at this advert since the most eye-catching thing is the dirty look of Hitler. He is staring at us while he is holding firmly this young woman; the fact he was a dictator and the position they have, give a huge strength to the disease. The fact he is behind her and the position of his hands give the full-power to Hitler who personifies the sickness. We can imagine that this position illustrates that AIDS is sly, you cannot know if a person is HIV positive.
This advert was made to affect everybody: first of all people who change regularly of sexual partner, young people in order to inform them and parents too so that they have to talk about sexuality with their children. It was presented for the World AIDS Day which stresses the global nature of the advert. Nevertheless we wonder if the posters representing Stalin and Mussolini are as global as this one

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