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FNAC is a chain of stores specializing in the distribution of cultural products (music, literature, cinema, video games) and electronics (stereo, computer, television). The strength ofthe website are multiple. First their website is very well designed, the purchasing department in a click "one-click shopping" make the navigation more easier and helps to reducethe number of clicks. The website has the best transformation rate against the competition, with 5.5% of visits that result in purchases. Also time to visit of the internet user is one ofthe higher because the website offers rich content, technical manuals, product sheets and a wide range of products. FNAC is also a leader in their sector with a great reputation whichreassures and fidelize the visitor, thanks to a smooth logistics and an image of quality. However, FNAC is exposed to the copy and his image is aging. FNAC can play hard on price, offeringproducts 10-15% more expensive, so it's thanks to the services they offer that the company differs and creates value added. The customers are very heterogeneous and FNAC is facing a widevariety of requests.
The objective for FNAC would be playing on the qualitative image of the brand, the products / services and reputation. Build customer loyalty by establishing a healthy andlasting relationship with customers by developing proposals attractive in terms of choice, product innovation and quality service. They must maintain the consumer in his role of buyerwithout making him producer by giving them what they want before they ask. Prices on being higher than the competition, we must also ensure that the website is not only wherecustomers come test the products and then go buy them cheaper elsewhere, notably on discount websites. Therefore, we must highlight the after sales service and other privileges offered by FNAC.
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