Anglais commentaire sur the inconvenient truth

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This document is a poster from a documentary film. «The inconvenient truth. » directed by Davis Guggenheim about the Al Gore's campaign to educate citizens about global warming. He was the vicepredisent of United State. Davis Guggenheim created this movie in 2006. It deals with a current subject about the environment especially the Global Warming. Beside we can see that there is a play on wordat the subtitle. « Global Warning ». It is to show that is a serious problem, and it concern everybody, we must do something to improve this. Moreover the title and the subtitle are white and red soit emphasize the danger of the situation. We can see the catch phrase which is « By far the most terrifying film you will ever see. » so it give us the atmosphere of the movie. In the middle of thevisual we can notice factory which are belching out smoke. The smoke look like a tornado. It show the extent of the phenomenon, if we do nothing the planet will be destroy. Indeed Smoke look like tornadoto show that the global warming has the power of destruction. Furthermore, There are lot of factories in this poster which attract our eyes. Smoke is filling the skye little by little. We can't seeanymore the sun, all is dark. It is a very bad atmosphere, it look like the end of the world. And it is certainly what the artist wanted to show. Por example, there is an ice melt who make the sealevel higher and it can provokes flooding. Over and above Polar Bear are dying because of the ice melt. Soon polar bear will be an endangered species. As we can see there are already lot of damage.Several countries, cities are very polluted. Like China where people wearing mask.
From my point of view, I find this visual very interesting, because it show that there is a real problem. It show theextent of the global warming. I tkink that there are too much people who don't care about this, who do not realize the problem. They continue to live as before. Even for the policy, in spite of the...
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