Anglais dialogue peine de mort

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The Capital Punishment Caroline: Yesterday, I saw a report about Death Penalty in the USA, and I want to know what you think about this subject. Nina: Capital Punishment is a good deterrent towards murderers because people are scared of dying. Furthermore, we can bring pressure on the murderers in order to extract information. Caroline: As for me, it’s not more deterrent than life imprisonment. For example, surveys in USA show that the criminality doesn’t decrease in States which apply the capital punishment. Moreover, I think that people should have a second chance. They can regret their acts, and probably want to reinstate the society after their sentence. Nina: I think that murderers undergo their urges, they can't control them. So if we accept murderers reinstate the society, they could relapse that’s why Death Penalty is a good thing. Caroline: You can’t say that, according to the Human Right Declaration, there is a right to live. Death penalty is opposite to this idea because in that case we can consider the capital punishment as a murder. Nina: We don't forget that capital punishment is applied for the extreme case. For example Hamida Djandoubi was the last person who dies by death sentence. He raped and tortured his victim during several hours. Caroline: But we shouldn’t' take the risk to kill an innocent, just imagine if you are proved guilty whereas you are innocent, it’s horrible! More than one hundred persons were condemned to death before proving innocent. Nina: Yes but the miscarriages of justice are scarce! The victim’s family of murderer might want to revenge, that’s why death penalty avoids victim's family to do justice ourselves. The life imprisonment is more expensive than death penalty. We can save money by death penalty. Moreover there is no place in the America jails. Capital Punishment release places in American jails. Caroline: It’s outdated; Death Penalty doesn’t exist in a lot of countries like France which

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