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Good morning (sir or Madam)

Here is my notification letter (convocation)

I did my internship in an agency dealing with the journalistic world, specialized in health and welfare.It is known asPresse & Papiers located in the surbub of Paris, in Boulogne Billancourt and well positioned on the market

During my stay, It was told me to present them an idea to increase their turnover. Thus,before drawing conclusions they entrusted me (ils m’ont confié) to conduct a market survey on the media. So, I decide to discover the wide range of blogs, specially whose are concerned by our fieldsactivities and to present them an assessment (évaluation).

Then I was in charge of dealing with customers and had to grow up our existant list, updating it . My job consisted to be comfortable withExcel and Power Point for comparative advertising and databases.
I had to offer the customers our team services and specalilly helping them to sale and promote their product.

I was given thechance to shortlist some of them firstly by emails then calling, as potential customers introducing my company and its wide experience, managing my time table and trying to schedule appointements,offering them to take advantage of our know-how and giving them our best services, mostly, taking into account their needs, adapt a strategy, take care of their habits and respect the deadlines as much aspossible in our campaign

I was compared as a sales assistant in the field of communication negociating our exclusive service, making it attractive and was envolved in the relationship with thebloguers who were considered as partners because they can easely promote goods or one brand image thanks to their writing and thus change the consumers’ behaviours. In any case it was important to takeadvantage of their impacts. Besides, most of customers consider that is better than having an advertising space because they can broadcast a message whithout spending much money

I was proud, to...
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