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a The narrator’s real name is Annabelle. She used to live in New England,
where her best friend was called Dori, and her favourite toy was a stuffed dog called Boomer. At the time,her father was a MIT professor, and her mother probably a housewife. But at fall, they suddenly change life: they move to Tampa, Florida. They also change names: she, the daughter, will be calledSally, while her father will be called Anthony, and her mother, Claire.

z Annabelle could be 6 or 7, as she has a “marble collection and a stash of kindergarten art” (l. 33), and her favourite toys area stuffed dog and a Barbie doll. Moreover, she still needs her “blankie” (l. 36). e That afternoon, she was surprised to find her father home, whereas he used to come home from work at 7. Moreover,her parents wear coats, as if they were about to leave (which is indeed the case); and her mother is crying. r On the one hand, the mother is crying, although she doesn’t want her daughter to see it.She clings to her present life, which she is about to lose, © H A T I E R 2010

whereas the father seems to be indifferent. He coldly gives instructions and loads the car, obviouslywithout any scruple or regret.

t 1. In order to choose the two objects, she needs to touch what she
treasures most and take into consideration all her belongings. She eventually chooses herstuffed dog and her baby blanket.

2. “The one” refers here to a capital moment in her past, since she would
like to go back then and change things. It seems to imply that her childhood has seemed lostforever since then, and that she may regret the choices that she made then: if she could choose two objects now, she would certainly choose differently.

y 1. Not to scare little Annabelle, thefather pretends that changing their
identity and home is like a game. He suggests this change in their life is their choice, and that it was not imposed on them.

2. For Annabelle, this was more a...
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