Anglais juridique (l2) do you think the monarchy plays an important role in the uk today ? why ? what do you think the future of the monarchy may be ?

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Nowadays, we can’t think about the United Kingdom without thinking at the royal family. For as long as anyone can remember there is a King at the head of the state, however his power declined through the years and now the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd have just a symbolic role in the UK.

In fact theoretically she’s still the head of state but actually all the power belongs to the Prime Minister, and the Queen never speak in state cases. It’s true that she meets the PM every Tuesday and for sure we can’t know what they are talking about; but technically all the decisions are announced by the PM and applied by him too, so we certainly can think that it’s obvious the PM is the real master in the political domain.

However, we can’t deny that the Queen and her royal family take a great place in British people’s heart. They are extremely attached to them, as we were able to see when Lady Di died, for the Charles and Camilla’s wedding, or, today, for prince William’s engagement with Miss Middleton. In addition to their role in English tabloids, the royal family, and more particularly the actual Queen, represent morality and propriety in whatever they are doing (or at least try to). Moreover the Queen is theoretically the head of the Church, so she’s obviously a pattern for British population.
To conclude, it’s important to say that if the Queen has so much success to the United Kingdom population, it’s also because they can’t blame her for how the state is led politically .

About the future of the monarchy, on one hand we could think that it may be uncertain because of the fact that the monarchy is politically obsolete and generally it’s easier to delete what is useless. But on the other hand, and in my opinion, we have to notice that the monarchy is like a lit for the United Kingdom and larger the Commonwealth.
Moreover, and like we said earlier, people are attached to their Queen.

Politically there is also a good compromise between the Queen and the Prime

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