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ADVERTISEMENT : KRYS « Vous allez vous aimez » {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Describe the ad This campaign shows people who claim to have changed since they are wearing Krys glasses. On the right, there is the person and on the left a catch phrase beginning with « Before, I was… ». On the top of the ad, and down right, we can see the logo of the brand and also the advertising slogan : « You’re going to love yourself. » Thanks to their brand new glasses, all these people feel much better. Their glasses are so exceptional that when they are wearing them, other people do not see their blemishes or their particularities. Who is it aimed at ? All the ads show very different people : teenagers, young adults and adults. But this campaign is mainly aimed at 30 to 35 years old adults. The goal is to attract people by playing on their trust, their mental and their image. As the image is more and more important in our society, this ad will obviously achieve to seduce more clients. Krys promise that thanks to their glasses, people will assume their differences and be more self-confident. The several persons with « differences » have been chosen to appeal to a maximum of people. Everyone can see himself in the ad. Furthermore, with the crisis, french people do not feel very well ; with this ad, the consumer is at the centre, not the product. Thanks to this, Krys is different from its competitors : all the others opticians use celebrities to promote their brand. The client can feel closer to the brand. No matter who you are, what you look like, there is a pair of glasses Krys for

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