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Toi : The document is a cartoon by MacLachlan who deals with global warming and especially the hole in the ozone layer.

Moi : 2 men are trying to walk through the storm, pulling their dog. The scene takes place in a forest where it violently and intensly rains and snows. They seem to be very cold. The wind washed over them, preventing them from moving forward. The wind blows so hard that trees are toppled and snow is so present that the horizon is at loss of view.

Toi : One character is saying this : "They say if the hole in the ozone layer gets any larger, it could expose us all to the harmful rays of the sun" he's trying to mean that if we continue to pollute, the hole in the ozone layer would get larger and sun's UV rays would pass through the earth and the earth would get warmer.

Moi : The humor of this cartoon is the huge contrast between the sentence he utters, and the situation where they find themselves. Indeed, it is an ironical situation because the character fears the global warming whereas he finds himself in a snowstorm where it's very cold. Rather, he should have been expressing the fact that propaganda tells us that the earth warms up, while here it is very cold.

Toi : The cartoonist makes fun of alerts on global warming, and the injudicious preventive measures and get the message "stop making a big deal" and to make money on the backs of any ecological

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