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INTRO / What is the gender gap?

In a first time, it is important to explain: “What’s the Gender gap?”. According to wiktionary it’s : “A measurable difference between the behaviors of men and women”And to supplement this definition an other source say that the gender gap is: “the difference that exists between males and females in access to some social good or benefit based solely on theirdifference in gender (a difference almost always in favor of men)”.  For example, the gender gap in education refers to the increased likelihood of better educational opportunity and achievement for males than females in most societies.

In most of the societies, otherwise all, the socio reports or connections between women and men are largely hierarchical and thus uneven. We shall want for proofthe official division of the work - beyond the purely biological roles within the home and within the official working population - without forgetting the discriminatory practices against the women in the other institutions. The women have fewer access facilities in the education than the men receive an uneven part of lands and have an access more limited to resources as the food and the healthcare.

I/ Economie and education

To illustrate this paragraph, I (m’appuie sur) the following graphic from the book of Hilary Lips ( Hilary is a professor of psychology, chair of the Psychology Department, and director of the Center for Gender Studies at Radford University).

The name of the book : “A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture and Ethnicity” and “of Sex and Gender: AnIntroduction”.

➢ Graphic 1: This graphic shows: What Difference Does Education Make?
There appears to be a gender-related wage gap in virtually every occupational category.
By example: With the similarly educated, woman earnings 76% (seventysix) of the wage of a man or for a professional degree she win only 60% of the wage of a man.
At the very highest levels of education, the gap is at itslargest, as shown in this chart.

I think that is an interesting graphic because he reflects the distance of wage between males and females. . Moreover, he dissociate the degree of education and we can see what the woman win less that men in general.

➢ Graphic 2: I think that is too interesting to speak about the difference between U.s Gender wage gaps within ethnicity.

In fact, white menare not the only group that out-earns women, although the wage gap is largest between white men and white women. Within other groups, such as African Americans, Latinos, and Asian/Pacific Islanders, men earn more than women (Source: US Census Bureau)

For example: white women earned 73.4% of what white men earned in 2001; in the same year, black women earned 84.8% of what black men earned.

Atthe economic level and work, women have less hour of work than men. There is a distance of salary between them (woman) and men. This difference is explained by the Ministry of Employment who takes in consideration the of diploma of the employees, their age in the company, the work experience outside the company, the social and occupational group, the type of contract of employment, thepart-time, the size of the company, the distance from hourly pay enters.

The distances from hourly pay is particularly in the sector of financial activities, posts office…etc where as men occupy the labor posts.

Concerning unemployment, women have always a higher rate than men, but this difference is reduced in 1990’s. in France there is the same rate of unemployment according to theINSEE(National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) even that women have more possibility to work in the tertiary sector, from the distribution in the domestic jobs, by way of the education or the health. Their level of diploma got closer to that of the men, even if they turn to less valued sectors.

There is an inequality in terms of education. Boys are more educated than girls who prefer...
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