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Mardi 05 octobre

Les étudiants aujourd'hui risquent d'avantage d'etre au chomage qu'en 2002, 4% de plus d'entre eux le sont.

Le nombre de licencié (qui a une licence) ayant un emploi à temps plein a diminué de 9%.

Le pourcentage de licenciés qui reprennent des études est en augmentation / a augmenté de 12% par rapport à l'année précédente.
A augmenté : is on the rise, keep studying, going on further studies, take up studying
Ceux qui ont un diplome ont 3 fois moins de risque d'être au chômage.
Those who have a degree stand 3 times fewer chances to be on the dole
Quoiqu'il en soit, la concurrence pour entrer à l'université est de plus en plus forte.

Premier cours des institutions judiciaires :

Common law (droit coutumier), equity (droit naturel) and statute law

Europe uses two major systems of law :
Roman law (codified and written), is the civil law used in france, continental europe, quebec and latina america. The other system is
Common law is used in England and Wales, the US, Australia and Canada. In common law, juges work from a practical perspective. Common law refers to 2 aspects:
- the legal system in england and wales, in its historical development
- the general system of law and a particular set of rules used within UK

There are 4 sources of law :
- custom
- case law and equity
- UK legislation
- EU legislation

A. Custom (coutume habitude ou loi)

Past Anglo saxon period (IV Xth) : local customs (traditions) determined most laws affecting family right, ownership (propriété), contract and violence. In 1066, the battle of Hastings was wun by William the Conqueror who gradually laid the basis of the english legal system. Itinerant justices (juges) were given the task (tache) of founding a set of regulations to be used all over the country. Custom did not become law automaticly. The law was created by judge's decisions to recognize custom or not. Then, the practice became the rule, as judges

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