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A good evening was over. /A good evening had just ended. Susan had prepared a dinner party, all children were gathered around her and Jeff./Susan had prepared a dinner of festival, all the children were brought together around it and of Jeff.
At dinner/table, there was laughter, thevoices of Uncle Tony who could speak only crying, barking some of Abi, the family golden retriever. Then everyone stood up, children first. They hadkissed Susan, had thanked them and went, carrying the cake and chunks of turkey wrapped in foil./They had embraced Susan, had thanked it and hadgone themselves from there, carrying pieces of cake and large pieces of turkey wrapped in aluminum foil. When the taillights of the car Tony haddisappeared down the street, Jeff, standing on the porch, took Susan's waist and kissed her tenderly/When the rear lights of the car of Tony haddisappeared at the end of the street, Jeff, upright under the porch, had taken Susan by the size and had embraced tenderly it.
She had passed her armaround the neck of her husband and laid her head on his shoulder/ husband and put the head in the hollow of the shoulder. In his(her) first sigh,Jeff had smiled, sadly. In his first sigh, Jeff smiled sadly. God knows he loved his wife and despite all this love, he knew she felt guilty aboutnot being able to give her children. Each family reunion when Uncle Tony landed with his merry brood was an opportunity for them to remember
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