Annales bac 2008 anglais

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Corrigé bac 2008 : Anglais LV1 Série S – Pondichéry

Ces éléments de correction n’ont qu’une valeur indicative. Ils ne peuvent en aucun cas engager la responsabilité des autorités académiques, chaque jury est souverain.


ANGLAIS Langue vivante 1 Séries ES - S
Durée : 3 heures – Coefficient 3 L’usage du dictionnaire et des calculatrices est interdit.Compréhension Expression

10 points 10 points

Ken Follet, Whiteout, 1991 (abridged and adapted)

Corrigé Bac 2008 – Série S – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry


1. The characters are Kit Oxenford, Stanley Oxenford, Nigel Buchanan, Toni Gallo a) Say if they are present or mentioned. Kit Oxenford is present. The other three characters are only mentioned. b)What is the connection between them ? Kit Oxenford is Stanley’s son. Stanley Oxenford is Kit’s father. Nigel Buchanan is Kit’s client. Toni Gallo is Stanley’s security chief.

4 pts

2. Who is the main character ? Kit Oxenford is the main character.

1 pt

3. Whose company is Kit planning to rob ? What does he want to take ? 2 pts Kit is planning to rob his father’s company. He wants to takesamples of his new antiviral drug. 4. Where is Oxenford Medical actually situated ? How is this place also referred to in the text ? Explain this metaphor. (30 words) 6 pts Oxenford Medical is situated near Inverburn in Scotland. It is referred to in the text as the “Kremlin” because it is a secure area which is very difficult to get into.

l.1 to l.12 5. What sort of relationship does Kit havewith his father and how does it motivate Kit’s robbery ? (40 words) 6 pts Kit is in conflict with his father and wants to take revenge on him. Destroying his father financially is one of his motivations. A second motivation is the desire to be the hero of an adventure which he imagines published in a book. 6. In what way is Kit different from his usual self today ? Say why. (30 words) 5 ptsUsually Kit doesn’t worry about anything or make plas, but today he is anxious, and he has planned the robbery.

l.13 to l.27 7. Are the following statements right or wrong ? Justify with a quotation from the text. 6 pts a) The police will know if an intruder enters Oxenford Medical. Right (l16-17) “the alarms were directly connected to regional police headquarters” b) Kit does not expect anyone to bepresent. Wrong (l.20) “The guards ... patrolling the premises hourly.”

Corrigé Bac 2008 – Série S – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry

c) Unknown visitors cannot enter the building. Right (l.25) “Plastic card passes ... in a chip.”

l.28 to l.32 8. What two advantages will enable Kit to overcome the difficulties he faces ? Explain in your own words. (20 to 30 words) 3 pts Notonly has Kit got a degree in computer science, but he is the one who designed the whole security system at Oxenford Medical. l.33 to l.55 9. How much does Kit know or guess about the people he is working for and their motivations ? (50 words) 5 pts Kit’s contact is his client, a Londoner called Nigel Buchanan, who has to give the sample to his customer on Christmas day. Kit guesses the customerbelongs to one of the large pharmaceutical companies, who want to steal the drug in order to avoid paying fees to Oxenford. 10. Why is the choice of date particularly important ? Explain in your own words. (40 words) 4 pts Kit will commit the crime on Tuesday, which is Christmas eve, because the following days are holidays, which means that nobody will give the alarm before at least Friday, so thatKit will have plenty of time to escape.

11. Translate from “ His degree was in computer science ...” l.29 to “... Kit knew its secrets.” l.32. 8 pts 1- His degree was in computer science Il avait une licence d’informatique / il était diplômé en informatique. 1 pt

2- and he had been top of his class 1 pt et avait été major de sa promotion / en tête de classe / le meilleur de sa classe. 3-...
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