Apart money and advantages, what is the others criteria that determines motivation in work?

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Organizational Behavior

Apart money and advantages, what is the others criteria that

determines motivation in work?

“Without a compelling cause, our employees are just putting in time. Their minds might be engaged, but their hearts are not.”

Lee J. Colan, 7 Defining Moments


What's the first thing that determines our behavior?

Undoubtedly it iscertainly the motivation that governed the human behavior, even when we speak about the primary needs. For example, we have to drink and to eat to stay alive, but the motivation will plays in how we do it. Motivation will determine the engagement and so the energy we dedicated to these actions. But nothing is strange like the motivation, and since the Greek Platon many theories have emerged. Ifthe Greek philosophy considers the pursuit of happiness like the key-factor of motivation in our modern society this process has become more complex. Like we see in the course of Organizational Behavior, today we consider two kind of motivation according to Herzberg: the intrinsic (like the enjoyment) and the extrinsic motivation (the most famous is money, reward).

The concept of motivationfinds all his interest in the business world, and it is quite understandable. The motivation determines the quantity and the quality of work that can be done. The Taylorism and the Fordism, two scientific model of management, up money as first tool to motivate the employees. But we know today that money is more a criteria of satisfaction than motivation. This suggest that today’s employee, don’twork only for earn their life, but for something other. This sentence brings me to my problem.

Apart money and advantages, what is the others criteria that determines motivation in work?

As we can see motivation is a complex thing, and there is may be as many types of motivation that people on earth. I do not pretend that I can identify a 5,000 problem’s older, but I will try with thehelp of a concrete example to provide some solutions valid at least for it.

The basic problem is a 45 years old salesman who has all the advantages that a salesman can dream, a car, a phone, a computer, his costs are largely repaid, a good salary divided in a fix part and a bonus part. Even his firm provided all the tools he needs, he does not do a good job. Not because the environment ischanging and complex, but because he does not the work.

In a first part I will speak about the situation, then in a second part the analysis, with the application of concept view in course and issue from books concerning the behavior from Tony, the third and last part will treat about the recommendations and conclusion, and be focus on the behavior of Eric and Patrick.

The situationMy last internship takes place in an armory, a weapon store. I’m not a real aficionado of weapons but I know the team and I need a commercial internship. The store is near Strasbourg, my town. The team is composing by 8 persons, two secretaries, an accountant, a storekeeper, a weapon repairer, a salesman and the two bosses: they are brothers.

The problem is between the salesman: Tony[1]and the two bosses: Eric and Patrick[2], and it is about the work done by the salesman.

But, first, I will speak about the common history of these three persons. They know each other’s since 12 years. Eric and Patrick had already the weapon store and Tony was already a salesman. Tony works for an importer of weapons, the first private importer in France with 52 employees. Two times peryear, there is a championship in France where many actors from the segment competition shooting meet us and the customers. Tony meets Eric and Patrick during one of this occasion. Early, Eric and Patrick have being friends with Tony, they work together concerning an international brand of bullets. And since 2002, Eric and Patrick have made a proposition of hiring concerning Tony. But Tony has...
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