Arthur conan doyle

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a famous writer. His most important character in his novels is Sherlock Holmes, a private detective.
He was born in Edinburgh in Scottland in 1859.He began by studying medecine at the university of Edinburgh.It was at this time that he started to write short stories and poetry.
He was a young doctor and he didn’t have enough patients and tospend his free time he wrote stories. Until 1891 he studied ophtalmology in Austria but back to London he hadn’t any patient
He created a new style of detective novel. He wrote a lot of differentstype of books like science fiction, historic stories, novels and paranormal stories. In A Study in Scarlet Sherlock Holmes appeared for the first time in 1887.
. He recovered himself into journalistduring the Boer War. He wrote a critical item explaining the cause of the war and the conduct of England. His tex twas very famous in the word. Thanks to that, he has been dubbed knight by the QueenVictoria.
Conan Doyle was an advocate of the justice and he resolved two crimes which hadn’t been resolved. He cleared a man accused wrongly of mutilation on animals and he helped the police to arrestthe man who killed an old lady in Glasgow in 1908.
He lost the elections to be a deputy of the Parliament.
After the death of many members of his family, Arthur Conan Doyle falled into depression. Inhis book The Coming of the Fairies he showed that he believed in the veracity of a fantastic world. He was friend with Harry Houdini, the American magician. Arthur Conan Doyle was convinced Houdinihad supernatural habilities.
His most famous story is The hound of Baskerville. The legend runs in the region of Devonshire and says that a big dog spitting fire would be at the origin of the death ofSir Charles Baskerville. One of his ancestors, Sir Hugo Baskerville, died mysteriously after he did some horrible things to a young farmer. Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson have to protect the last...
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