Assess the historical importance of the easter rising, 1916, ireland

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The Easter Rising was an insurrection which took place in Ireland during the Easter Week in 1916. The Rising was organised by the Irish Republicans who wanted to make an end of the British rules in Ireland and establish the Republic. It was the most significant uprising in Ireland since the rebellion of 1798. It took place right in the middle of the very bloody First World War as Britain’s distraction in a European war seemed an ideal opportunity to strike for freedom according to the nationalists militants: “England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity” as the Republican slogan said.
The Easter Rising and the War of Independence that followed transformed the political landscape of Ireland. The rebels surprised the British on Easter Monday with a thousand men and women against 400 soldiers.
We will see in this following essay what the consequences of the Easter Rising have been for the Irish history. To do so, we will start to look at the causes which led to this uprising and the organizations which played an important part in it, then we will examine more precisely the Easter week and finally we will observe the aftermath of this rebellion.

In 1801, the Act of Union which unified the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland leads to the removal of the Dublin’s parliament and the moving of its representatives to Westminster and also to a free trade area between the two countries. This situation is not unanimously accepted and an uprising against the British domination leaded by the nationalist Robert Emmet took place in 1803. On account of the poverty, the population will be subjected to the Great Irish Famine during the 19th century which led to around one million deaths and two millions emigrants. These difficulties would reinforce the anti-British feeling already stuck in the minds of Irish people. In 1858, James Stephens founded the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a secret oath-bound organization dedicated to the establishment of the Republic

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