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Aborigines was the first inhabitants of Australia, nevertheless this continent has been visited by many people:
This country was first discovered by the portuguese in the early 16century. Moreover, various Europeans nations explored this continent: the Dutch in 17 century, a French exploration led by « Bougainville » from 1766 and 1769 .
Endeed in the 18 century James Cookdiscovered the « Main Land » and declared this continent was British .
Unfortunatly, this country was too far away from England and go there by boat will take months before get there hence the king ofEngland decided to used it as a prison to get rid of it's “difficult subject”. All the prisoners were brought forcibly .
This project was conducted by Capitaine Arthur Philippe who established a penalcolony (see glossary) in 1788.

Australia nicknamed « Land down under » is a country, an island and a continent. His capital city is Camberra and it's divid into 5 provinces, he is the flattest andthe smaller contry in the world.
It is located in the southern hemisphere between the Indian and the Pacific oceans, below Asia. This continent-country-island has an area of 7 686 850 squarekilometers moreover she has a population of 22 million inhabitants. Most of them lives on the fertile plains of the eastern and southern coast like Sydney or Melbourne because Australia is mainly covered bytwo big deserts named « Great Sandy desert » in the north and « Great Victoria desert » in the south.

The Commonwealth (see glossary) of Australia is composed of six states and two
Australia is a constitutional marchy (see glossary), Queen Elizabeth II is recognized as the leader of this state but she does not have no political power: she is only a symbol of authority.She is represented by the governor general of Australia named Sir William Deane.
The first minister, John Howard, is the chef of gouvernment and the chef of the parliament, he was appointed by the...
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