Back to old values ?

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Some people believe that we should go back to old values and enforce more discipline and respect in schools today. Do you agree ? '

The term "old values" evokes the idea of a conservativeideology. But for some people it might be the solution to problems of discipline and respect in schools.

I think that talking of "old values" and of going back to the past is something that young peopledon't appreciate so much. The young have an image of the old school that is not so good in general. For some, it's a too strict education and it also reminds corporal punishments which used to bepractised. Such a discipline can frighten pupils nowadays. As the years went by, pupils became more and more free and now, they don't want to lose this freedom. Times have changed as well as mentalities,and everything is different nowadays. But there are still some kind of traditions which last. For example the wearing of the uniform. It's something that still exists in the whole world. And that leadsus to the question of the respect in schools. If the uniform is compulsory in some schools, it's because those schools don't want their pupils to suffer discrimations from other pupils about clothes.But is it really a solution? I think it's not. There are everywhere pupils who suffer from discriminations. But the fact is that pupils who discriminate against others don't care about punishment theywill get. They don't want to change because they like to make fun of someone and to bother him. Some people want to enforce respect in schools and I find it's a good thing but I'm almost sure itcan't really work. You can't make people change just by saying "Now I want more respect." That's unfortunately impossible. And if we went back to old values, I think that would only have as an effect tomake pupils fail to comply with new rules to show that they disagree with them.

Going back to old values is not something that shoud be done. Pupils want their freedom. However, it would be great...
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